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Established in 1985, Holland Shielding Systems, began serving the electronics industry from its location in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. In response to rapid growth, and international recognition it became necessary for Holland Shielding Systems to open a new product developing facility and sales office.

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How do we serve our customers ?

From out the Netherlands we serve our customers with high quality and low cost shielding solutions. Holland Shielding Systems, manufactures a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding products, EMI Gaskets, Fingerstrips, Conductive tapes, honeycomb ventpanels,EMI shielded windows and much more...

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Complete faraday cages

We even design and install complete Faraday Cages, for hospitals as well as military- and tempest bunkers. Because of the high variability of our product range, we are able to solve almost all your shielding problems. We distinguish ourselves, by short delivery times, economical solutions, and our ability to design and manufacture custom made products in 2-3 days.

faraday cages

Our factory

We manufacture shielded doors, tents, filters, ventilations, enclosures and windows. We have a daily transportation all over the world within 24 hours. Our technical engineers will work together with you from the design phase trough final production.

EMI shielding factory

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