Modern electronic equipment often requires EMI Gaskets to avoid radiating EMI/RFI and to prevent susceptibility to outside sources of EMI/RFI. EMI Gaskets designed and manufactured utilizing the strengths of beryllium copper (BeCu) are the industry standard throughout the world. Starting with the emergence of RFI problems in the early days of military electronics, BeCu EMI Gaskets have been the choice solution.

BeCu EMI Gaskets do two things very well:

  1. Their mechanical spring characteristics far surpass all other gaskets in the industry.
  2. They offer the highest EMI shielding effectiveness.

The contact of Beryllium copper finger strips are tolerant of a wiping or sliding action. The EMI Finger strip gaskets are produced in Beryllium copper or stainless steel, both have a high  resilient spring quality. This makes the stainless- and beryllium copper finger strips ideal for applications where frequent opening and closing operations are likely. The product is available in a wide range of profiles and is also available in various plated versions.