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We are also specialized in Faraday Cages, Shielded Chambers, Tempest Equipment for crypto communication Shielded Tents and other shielding materials like: Power Signal Filters, Shielded Doors, Shielded Windows, and Honeycomb Ventialtion panels.

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General Information and Specification


Everything goes perfect except there is an issue with EMI
(electromagnetic interference). You have an emission problem. You could be told that your
piece of equipment is too “noisy”, meaning it emits electromagnetic or radio frequency waves
that could potentially interfere with the correct functioning of another electronic instrument.

Maybe you are told your product is “susceptible” indicating a potential for some external source
to cause a malfunction in your new creation. What do you do now?

How are they used ?

Honeycomb vents are used to shield openings for heating and ventilation against undesirable electro-magnetic waves.
The aluminium honeycomb vent panels are supplied in rigid aluminium frames, pre-drilled or with captive fasteners to your specifications or flow drilled thread holes.
If a very high shielding level is required, the use of cross-cell honeycombs is recommended. These are made from two pieces of 6.35 mm or 12,7mm thick honeycomb within a single frame. The shielding performance will improve at the expense of slightly increased air flow resistance. 

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Frame construction types...

We have 4 standard frame types. Zie pictures below.

Frame A
Honeycomb ventilation panel Frame A

Frame B
Honeycomb ventilation panel Frame B

Frame C
Honeycomb ventilation panel Frame C

Frame D
Honeycomb ventilation panel Frame D

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